"We work with many different carriers across the country and we believe that the team at Magnolia is second to none. They're highly focused on quick, efficient implementation of strategies that prevent and control claims. Their members benefit with improved claims experience and ultimately, lower expenses." -Troy Fenderson, Workers CompSolutions

Enjoy speed, ease and savings —
with expert third party claims administration.

Claims management is the most involved of insurance processes. So when it comes to administration, you can't afford to compromise.

With Magnolia, your claims are managed by industry specialists with legal, nursing and facility operation backgrounds. We provide claims management with an advisory component, emphasizing early intervention. Our solutions encourage member / insured involvement in claims review and resolution.

Our team includes former nursing administrators, registered nurses and attorneys. All are career long-term care professionals with practical knowledge and expertise in the industry, with specialties in SNF administration, wound care, dietary, geri-psych and plant operations. Member / insured's and their Brokers have direct access to claims management staff to inquire about a claim. If legal counsel becomes necessary, they are in good hands with our exceptional panel of long-term care defense specialists.

Unlike most claims administrators, we're here through all phases of the claims life cycle:

  1. Our service begins before the claim even occurs. We help facilities prevent claims and appropriately respond to events that could lead to claims, mitigating potential loss.
  2. When a claim is reported, our team works with the client while providing early, proactive investigation and analysis. We push to resolve the claim quickly to avoid litigation wherever possible. Our focus is timely, accurate assessment of claim value and aggressive claims handling.
  3. If litigation can't be avoided, we work to protect the facility and minimize disruptions to operations.
  4. Our team works in tandem with risk management to avoid future claims and help clients avoid future claims of the same nature. We use real world claims experiences to create educational opportunities, building curriculum for our Web-based training platform (MARS), mock trials and seminars.